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Starmon mini - underwater temperature recorder
Starmon TD - temperature depth data logger
DST nano-T world's smallest implantable temperature logger
DST nanoRF-T - temperature telemetry
DST micro-T small implantable temperature logger
DST microRF-T temperature telemetry
DST micro-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST microRF-HRT telemetry heart rate and temperature logger
DST micro-TD small temperature and depth data storage tag
DST milli-T small implantable temperature data logger
DST milli-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST milli-TD mini pressure (depth) and temperature logger
DST milli-F depth temperature archival tag
Pasteurisation Logger DST milli-PU
Pasteurization temperature logger - DST milli-T-PU

Pasteurization temperature logger DST milli-T-PU is specially designed for use in the food and beverage industry for quality and process control, in particular during tunnel pasteurization, product development, packaging and logistics.

The DST milli-T-PU is a small sized data logger that measures and records temperature. It can easily fit inside bottles, cans or other containers for research. Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a time stamp for each measurement.

The logger is supported by the application software FoodStar. In addition to temperature the software also calculates the accumulated Pasteurisation Unit (PU) value and CO2 value over the measuring period. The Communication Box serves as an interface between the logger and a PC. Communication between the logger and the Communication Box is wireless when logger sits in the box.

In FoodStar, the user sets the start time, start date and sampling interval before starting the recorder. The fastest interval that can be selected is 1 second. After recovering the DST the recorded data is download into FoodStar where the results are displayed both in graphic and tabular form. Data can be imported into other programs for example Excel. After retrieving the data, the DST can be re-programmed and reused as long as the battery lasts.

A set of Communication Box and FoodStar software needs to be purchased with the first order.

Star-Oddi offers a special bracket called the “Spider Cap” that keeps the logger in a centered position inside a bottle or a can. For tunnel pasteurisation Star-Oddi offers a Bottle/Can Tray for easily spotting the sample bottle/can being studied. For more information about accessories click here.

DST centi-T implantable temperature data logger
DST centi-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST centi-HRT ACT heart rate, activity and temperature logger
DST centi-ACT activity and temperature logger
DST centi-TD temperature depth recorder
DST CTD miniature salinity, temperature & depth logger
DST CT salinity (conductivity) & temperature logger
DST tilt - subsea tilt logger with temperature & pressure sensors
DST magnetic - compass, tilt, temp & depth logger
DST bird - geolocator with light & temperature sensors
Starmon ES - External Sensor Data Logger
DST pitch & roll - miniature temperature, depth, pitch & roll sensor
DewMon - Humidity, temperature & pressure monitor
Fish Selector
Underwater Tagging Equipment - UTE