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Starmon mini - underwater temperature recorder
Starmon TD - temperature depth data logger
DST nano-T world's smallest implantable temperature logger
DST nanoRF-T - temperature telemetry
DST micro-T small implantable temperature logger
DST microRF-T temperature telemetry
DST micro-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST microRF-HRT telemetry heart rate and temperature logger
DST micro-TD small temperature and depth data storage tag
DST milli-T small implantable temperature data logger
DST milli-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST milli-TD mini pressure (depth) and temperature logger
DST milli-F depth temperature archival tag
Pasteurisation Logger DST milli-PU
Pasteurization temperature logger - DST milli-T-PU
DST centi-T implantable temperature data logger
DST centi-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST centi-HRT ACT heart rate, activity and temperature logger
DST centi-ACT activity and temperature logger
DST centi-TD temperature depth recorder
DST CTD miniature salinity, temperature & depth logger
DST CT salinity (conductivity) & temperature logger
DST tilt - subsea tilt logger with temperature & pressure sensors
DST magnetic - compass, tilt, temp & depth logger
DST bird - geolocator with light & temperature sensors
Starmon ES - External Sensor Data Logger
DST pitch & roll - miniature temperature, depth, pitch & roll sensor
DewMon - Humidity, temperature & pressure monitor

DewMon measures air conditions surrounding machinery where dew point, humidity, temperature and pressure are important parameters to monitor as they can affect the performance of costly machinery and even cause permanent damage at certain levels. Machinery users and suppliers can easily access data online to check status on dew-point, humidity, temperature and pressure. If dew-point occurs or is close to a certain minimum level a warning is reported to the user. All measurements are time stamped and stored on the user's computer for analysing past data. 

The DewMon design is small enough to fit into most air-valve cabinets using simple DIN rail mount. The DewMon is a slim-line DIN rail mountable, with a single “Phoenix type” connector, i.e. power supply and CAN connector in one. DewMon can be at a convenient location in a cabinet. It is easy to install and has rotating CAN dips for setting node number and CAN bus speed.

CAN OPEN/RS232/RS485 communication bus
The user can communicate with DewMon and program it to:
• Start or Stop measurements.
• Define transmitting rate, from 10 milliseconds to 10 Seconds.
• Offers the possibility to analyse the air system performance over specified user defined time interval (same as the transmission interval) in relation to fast sampling of maximum, minimum and medium pressure values.

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