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Starmon mini - underwater temperature recorder
Starmon TD - temperature depth data logger
DST nano-T world's smallest implantable temperature logger
DST nanoRF-T - temperature telemetry
DST micro-T small implantable temperature logger
DST microRF-T temperature telemetry
DST micro-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST microRF-HRT telemetry heart rate and temperature logger
DST micro-TD small temperature and depth data storage tag
DST milli-T small implantable temperature data logger
DST milli-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST milli-TD mini pressure (depth) and temperature logger
DST milli-F depth temperature archival tag
Pasteurisation Logger DST milli-PU
Pasteurization temperature logger - DST milli-T-PU
DST centi-T implantable temperature data logger
DST centi-HRT heart rate and temperature logger
DST centi-HRT ACT heart rate, activity and temperature logger
DST centi-ACT activity and temperature logger
DST centi-TD temperature depth recorder
DST CTD miniature salinity, temperature & depth logger
DST CT salinity (conductivity) & temperature logger
DST tilt - subsea tilt logger with temperature & pressure sensors
DST magnetic - compass, tilt, temp & depth logger
DST bird - geolocator with light & temperature sensors
Starmon ES - External Sensor Data Logger
DST pitch & roll - miniature temperature, depth, pitch & roll sensor
DewMon - Humidity, temperature & pressure monitor
Fish Selector

The Fish Selector helps sorting the fish while still in the trawl. The equipment is pre-programmed to select fish by specific size and specie.  The unwanted fish, either too small or not the right specie, are automatically sorted out and released through a door into the open ocean.  When Fish Selector is brought on the ship deck, collected information can be wirelessly retrieved on quantity of fish caught as well as quantity bypassed.  Other data can be collected such as depth, temperature and inclination. 

The aims of using Fish Selector is to increase the value of the catch, avoid discard of fish and increase fishing efficiency by helping with decision making for the skipper of selecting a fishing area. In addition to benefitting the commercial fisheries companies the marine research institutes may find scientific value in using the equipment in their studies. 

In the Fish Selector there are video cameras and computer equipment that scan the fish, measure the length and determine the species. The desired fish approved by the equipment goes straight into the cod end of the trawl.  Fish Selector is mounted in front of the cod end of the trawl. The Star-Oddi motor system and electronic container is powered by a battery pack that typically lasts 4 hours, depending on the activity of the bypass gate. Battery pack is rechargeable.


See a news video clip on the Fish Selector on YouTube.
Read an article about Fish Selector in the Feb. 2011 issue of Irish magazine The Skipper.

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