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Starmon mini - underwater temperature recorder

Starmon mini is an underwater temperature recorder designed to withstand harsh environments.  Temperature measurements are stored into logger's internal memory with a real-time clock reference for each measurement. Starmon mini submersible temperature recorder is known for its high accuracy, reliability and durability. Each recorder is delivered with a calibration certificate.

By unscrewing the end cap of the housing a cable plug becomes accessible. The Communication Cable connects directly from recorder to a PC computer. In addition to the cable the SeaStar software is used. In SeaStar the user sets the start date & time and sampling interval before starting the recorder. After the recorder has been recovered, Starmon mini is connected to a PC and the recorded data is downloaded into the SeaStar software. Results are displayed both in graphic and tabular form.

A set of PC communication cable and SeaStar software needs to be purchased with the first order. Starmon mini has a non-corrosive and robust plastic housing.  For more extreme pressure/depth or higher temperatures, the Starmon mini is available in titanium housing.  A stainless steel protective housing for extra protection is also available.  For more information about accessories please click here.

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