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Our DST data loggers are being used by several beverage and food manufacturers and their subcontractors around the world in quality, process control and packaging. DST's are proven to be a major asset in quality control in the beverage and food industry because of their small size and high accuracy in temperature and pressure measurements.

The most commonly used DST logger in the beverage and food industry is DST milli-PU temperature and pressure recorder. The DST milli-PU is a small pasteurisation data logger that measures temperature and pressure and the amount of pasteurisation units (PU) and CO2 in liquid. It is supported by our FoodStar software.The logger's small size allows it to be fitted inside a bottle, a can or other small containers assuring more accurate measurements.

Star-Oddi DST product family features four different sizes: centi, milli, micro and nano. The DST loggers also vary in memory size, battery life and sensors, the recorders can be reused as long as the battery lasts. All Star-Oddi loggers can be delivered with an individual calibration certificate.

Advantages at a glance

Improved data collection for quality control and research
Ideal for tunnel pasteurisation
Dependability and repeatability of measurements
Stabile calibration
Compact and practical
Small size

DST loggers can be used in any environment where exact and accurate measurements are required such as in product developement, quality control, packaging and logistics.

Temperature and pressure monitoring is an important part of quality control in beverage and food industries. Star-Oddi's small DST loggers can be used in all processes where temperature and pressure monitoring is essential.

DST milli-PU was originally developed for temperature and additionally pressure monitoring during pasteurisation process. Star-Oddi pasteurisation loggers are widely used in the beverage industry monitoring tunnel pasteurisation and in varying research and developement applications.

Star-Oddi data loggers are so small they can fit inside a bottle, can or other small containers for temperature and pressure monitoring during packaging and logistics. DST loggers store the data in their internal memory, therefore shipping without attendance and additional equipment is possible. The recorded data is retrieved when the logger arrives at its final destination. The loggers are ideal for collecting temperature information during the transportation and storage of food and beverage products.

Star-Oddi loggers have been used in research and developement in the beverage and food industry as well as in companies providing packaging material and services for these industries. DST loggers are ideal for research purposes. The small loggers can be fitted inside small containers for more accurate temperature and pressure measurements.

Using DST loggers is quick and simple. Star-Oddi recorders are supported by FoodStar software and Communication Box, which works as an interface between the logger and a computer. The logger is ready for recording after the user has set the start time and sampling interval through the FoodStar software. Recorded data is uploaded in the FoodStar software, where the results can be analyzed in graphic and tabular form. When data has been retrieved the logger can be reset for new recordings.

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