Aquatic & Fisheries Research

Star-Oddi is a leading edge manufacturer of equipment for ocean and freshwater research, specializing in design of scientific equipment containing microelectronics and sensors. Star-Oddi works closely with scientists and marine research institutes worldwide contributing to increased knowledge of marine life and sustainable fishery resource management. High emphasis is put on developing equipment that can be used to protect, restore and manage the coastal and ocean resources through ecosystem-based management. 

Star-Oddi product range
The Data Storage Tags (DST) - also known as archival tags – have been developed and manufactured since 1993. The DST is a miniature underwater data logger available with sensors such as temperature, depth, salinity, tilt, compass and magnetic field strength. The DST data logger stores the measured data in its internal memory. After the measuring period the data is uploaded into a PC computer where data is viewed in graphs and tables in the SeaStar software.

For tagging fish and marine animals the DST can be applied externally or internally. The DST housing is made of alumina, a biocompatible ceramics material that is not recognized as a foreign object by the receiving organism.The Starmon mini is a submersible temperature recorder that is known for its reliability, accuracy, large memory size and long battery life.

Application fields:

Fishing gear, ROV and AUV studies
Fish and marine animal tagging projects
Marine biology
Ecosystem management
Coral reef studies
Marine aquaculture projects

Examples of tagged animals:

Marine mammals

Biomedical Research
Food & Beverage Research
Other Research